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With over 20 years of competition experience, James is a certified veteran of the sport. His first professional fight was in 2003 and would be the start of a 28 Pro career. A true pioneer for mixed martial arts in Australia and New Zealand, his fan friendly fight style and impressive wins helped to grow the sport in a dark time. With 10 UFC appearances including a 5 from 6 win streak, Te Huna was one of the most feared power punchers in the Light Heavyweight division.

James has trained people from all skill levels, from office workers to pro fighters. He is passionate about his craft and is focused on sharing his knowledge, experience and mindset training to his students, clients and competitors.



•  Striking coach - Arlene “Angerfist”

•  2 time Season Boxing Coach - Black Tie

•  2018 Australia & NZ MMA Seminar Tour

•  2015 New Zealand MMA Tour

•  3 years NRL Wrestling/Contact experience



1 x 30 minute private session      $60

3 x 30 minute private sesssions   $150

1 X 60 minute private session       $100

24 Hour cancellation fee - full price $60